There is so much that remains unsaid. I wonder where we hide it all. 

Behold, the ever so raw and messy void of what we think or feel but never say. What a place that must be…where billions of “I love you’s” go to die, where tens of thousands of apologies lay, where uncountable tears are burried.
How strange…that such meaningful, real things become the building blocks of the castles of pain we build for ourselves, only because we don’t have the courage to let them see the light.
Our tired, bitter hearts, full to the brim with the poison of fear. 

What would it take for you to have the courage to say you love someone, even with the risk of not being loved in return? What would it cost you to apologize for the wounds you’ve left?
What is keeping you from letting go of the tears you’ve held on to for so long?

Who are you inside your castle?

I urge you to open the windows of your castle, to experience the life changing light of being vulnerable.


— Hela

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