About Hela


My name is Rachela, although most people know me as Rachel or Hela.
I’m 21 years old and live in beautiful Romania.
This platform is where I share my stories, my poetry and other creations of mine, of all sorts, in both romanian and english.

My favorite thing is to genuinely know and understand people, to explore their hearts and minds. To this day, people are the greatest source of inspiration to me, and my fascination with the human mind and soul deepens every day.
I crave meaning and purpose in everything I create and do. At the foundation of everything expressed on this blog are the experiences that have shaped me, the feelings and thoughts that I carry and the hopes I hold fast to.

This is why I write and create — always staying true to what I believe, candid and vulnerable with every word — in hope that someday, somehow it touches somebody. That to me is all.

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