I feel within myself the utmost desire, an unquenchable thirst for wonder.
How deeply the things unknown and unseen captivate my imagination.

It’s almost like my home is elsewhere, and here, I’m just a traveler.
And on my journey I cannot help but think that there is so much more beyond mere flesh and bones, beyond this big blue floating dot we call home.

— Hela

Journey Secrets

“Where are we going” I asked.

“That, my dear, entirely depends on where your journey takes you.”

“Then I must make sure I get this journey right…”

“It’s not about getting it right, it’s about the exact opposite: realizing you will never get it right on your own, and letting the beauty of that reality set you free.
It’s about learning to stop looking at yourself and learning to look up.”

— Hela


Like a little kid afraid of the dark, you find yourself again and again. 
Now you are older and the monsters are different each time. They change. They are bigger now. They look like failure, worry, doubt and insecurity.

So just like the little kid you were, you leave the door open just enough for a beam of light to make it through; just a crack. Just enough so that you can hear papa’s voice whispering: “everything is going to be ok.”

— Hela


Here’s the thing about anxiety: you learn to cope. It becomes bareable.
But no one asks about the in-betweens, about the mortifying gray areas, the moments in which time stands still and you are staring your broken pieces in the face. The moments you pull yourself back up, never really knowing how you managed to do so on your own yet again. The exhausting, excruciating, gray areas. 
You are stronger after each battle. But always carry the fear of the next. 
Still, you cling to hope, the only thing that pushes you to seek the light in the midst of darkness.

— Hela


We are desperately, fully and completely longing for what is relatable. We need to hear the thoughts that we never dare to speak, articulated by someone else. Simple, messy, abstract or explicit.

We hide our sadness for so long…
But in that moment, for one split second, we feel the sadness of someone else meeting our own and suddenly we don’t feel alone.
What a glorious masterpiece that is.

— Hela

Despre membre și tandrețe

Îmi plac mult
Mâinile-n absurda lor inteligență,
Cum nimeni nu le-a învățat
Și totuși au prudență.

Îmi place felul cum cunosc
Prin simple, mici atingeri,
Cum mângâie și-s adăpost
Pentru-ale noastre plângeri.

Îmi plac la nebunie mâinile,
Unelte creatoare,
Extensii ale inimii,
Arme modelatoare.

Îmi plac, nu știu, e o obsesie,
Sunt antidot pentru tristețe,
Sunt tot ce și-ar dori un om,
Mână = tandrețe.

— Rachel | Hela


{ s e l f }

And you wonder where she learnt,
That beauty lies upon your skin,
So that she thinks it doesn’t cover everything she holds within,
It breaks your heart to know her mirror,
Is how she estimates her worth,
And not the lives she’s made much better,
By simply being on this earth.

Ernest Hemingway



So, we see all the that man has created, and it is art for sure, and it is much appreciated and treasured by the people. But how much art are you, since you have mind, body and soul. You are a creator yourself, you are a source of hope, a source of life, a source of love. But at the same time you are the masterpiece, the creation, the muse. Art is merely the projection of you.

— Rachel | Hela