So, here we are, filling in each other’s blank spaces, tracing each other’s lines and pouring color onto one another wholeheartedly. And while staring at each other’s crooked lines and incompleteness, we find ourselves in awe of the unfinished masterpiece that is standing right before our eyes, only waiting to be colored in. What more could one wish for?

— Rachel | Hela


Om = vis

Am visat că eram stele. Apoi galaxie. Apoi univers. Dupa vis, m-am trezit din nou om. Mi-am dat seama însă că visul nu e decât o și mai mare realitate captivă unei realități incomod mai mici, si că implicit, daca visele sunt realitate, eu, om = stele, galaxie, univers. Ce este visul? realitatea fiecăruia. Și dacă și omul si visul sunt aceeași realitate, a fiecăruia, am constatat imediat ceva. Nu o să vă vină să credeți; om = vis.

— Rachela


And I hope the next time this world makes you feel like you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, or strong enough, you remember that your very existence goes to show that at one point, you were brave enough to keep going in spite of all the reasons you had to quit. And I truly believe that nothing in this world is more beautiful and strong than that.

How lovely all your shattered pieces look now, when you see them as tolkens of strenght instead of signs of brokenness.



‘Cause in the end, only the dreamers make it. The true ‘scientists’ of our time; the ones who dare to believe that behind all these dry layers of earth there is something worth living for. They are the only survivors.




People constantly try to tell us who we are and who we ought to become. We are each put inside society’s boxes; the places where we ‘ought to’ fit in with our carreers, our callings, our future.
And if you choose otherwise, you will be looked down upon; and thought of as not good enough to fit in.

…Truly we are missing the point here.

As humans we are not supposed to be categorized according to a pattern. Each of us is different, and not all shall excell in the things considered ‘most worthy’ by our society…but how destructive is it to measure our worth in other peoples ideals? Truly we are works of art; unique, capable and filled with wonderfulness. So, don’t settle for anything less. Here’s to the dreamers, the artists, the scientists, the mothers, the fathers, the astronauts, the adventurers, and all of the beautiful people of this world who make us see and feel beyond what there is. May we find them, may we love them, may we be them.



Faces of the unsaid

What I love most about faces is that they speak a million words without ever saying anything at all. I’ve found that they never get boring. There is always something new to discover; and if not, the authentic smiles or the genuine tears could never get old. Or perhaps it has nothing to do with that at all. Perhaps the neverchanging beauty behind them is merely the projection of the wonderfulness that lies just beneath the skin.IMG_2671-0.jpgIMG_2704.JPGIMG_2623.JPG


     …If she was electric, if she blew your mind with how much she loved life, beauty, adventure and color, if she made you feel alive and wild, yet safe and sure and if her eyes held deeper stories than any other you had seen, know that her soul is a garden. But not just any garden; one that is evergreen and storylike and deeply grounded Continue reading Rebecca